Why you need insurance for your Private Road

It’s easy to think that all insurance is equal when searching for a quote, that it doesn’t really matter about the finer details, all that matters is finding the lowest cost for whatever you’re looking to insure – but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Added protection where appropriate can make all the difference to how well you sleep at night. The value from having specific Trustee Indemnity cover in place from a Broker and Insurer who know what they’re doing will give you the peace of mind needed, so you can do the best job looking after your private road.

Nobody ever likes to think about actually having to make a claim, that’s the thing that happens to someone else, not you! We never think it’ll happen to us. But if or when it does, you’ll be grateful to your past-self who sought proper quotes from a knowledgeable Broker and Insurer. As a trustee of a private road, indemnity insurance should be one of those specialist insurances that you should pay close attention to. We understand that it’s no longer just about the road you care for; it’s about protecting you, your home and the things you love. It’s a huge weight off your mind to insure with a provider who understands what’s required and what that means in the event of a claim without delay.

Trustee Indemnity Insurance covers claims made against the trustees or charitable body by a third party following a ‘wrongful act’. The policy covers costs and expenses, .e.g. legal costs and any damages payable. Having this type of insurance in place, no matter how cautious you are in protecting yourself against any wrongful act, can help you feel reassured that you have security and defence should anything happen.

Take for instance, a time when a private road association inadvertently carried out development work on the land that it did not legally own. The trustees were held legally liable to pay damages and the cost of restoring land to its former condition. If they had taken out trustee indemnity cover, they could have claimed for these costs, but unfortunately they did not, and the cost had to be paid by them as individuals.

 As a member of a private road management committee who provides maintenance and assumes responsibility in the organisation of fixing any issues with the road in question, you may find yourself in need of trustee indemnity insurance against claims of deed disputes, slander, defamation, or breach of confidentiality just to name a few.

Our specialist knowledge and understanding of a complex position means you’ll speak to someone who will be able to appreciate the intricacies of your situation and will be able to give you a bespoke service, not your classic, “computer says no” type of answer.

So, if you have a residents association or management company for your private road talk to a us. We can offer you the service you want, the advice you need, and the protection you deserve.
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