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Family Care Trust Charity Golf Day 2016

As keen golfers, David and Christopher are always keen to put their hobby to good use so for many years now we have held Charity Golf Days for our good friends and clients Family Care Trust. They are a local charity who work to enable people...

fine art o blue wall in living room

In the frame: Fine Art Insurance

Between art dealers, auction houses, institutions and private collectors, artworks are often on the move – loaned from a private collection to a museum, purchased and sold at auction and displayed on global tours and at art fairs. Insurance and shipping are often among commercial...

Theft of Metal from Church Buildings

Theft of metals from church buildings has become more and more of a problem over recent years.  Metals such as lead and copper can often be found on and around churches, making them targets for thieves who plan to sell the metal on to recyclers...

chocolate bunny prize

Unitarian General Assembly 2017

Our Visit to the Unitarian General Assembly David and Sandy were delighted to be able to catch up with friends old and new last week, at the Unitarian General Assembly held at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole. Every delegate received an Edwards Insurance Brokers mouse mat on their...

Insurance in stone building

Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) set to rise to 12% in 2017

Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) is due to rise by  another 2% to a new high of 12%,  as announced in the Autumn 2016 Statement by Chancellor of the Exchequer Phillip Hammond. This new rate will take effect from June 2017, and is the third increase in IPT...

Ransomware Puts a Bounty on System Usage

Just when businesses are getting up to speed with the latest tricks employed by cyber criminals, another rears its ugly head. What is Ransomware? Ransomware is the practice of extorting a business by blocking access or threatening to damage their systems unless or until a sum of...

empty room with boxes and broom

Inspect and Protect Your Property

Poor security and lack of maintenance both have largely influential roles to play in unoccupied property claims, as they can leave a building defenceless in the face of criminal activity and water damage among other plights. Yet these are two issues that could be easily identified, and...

road closed with yellow diversion signs

Business Interruption can happen at any time – are you prepared?

Most of us take our workplaces for granted. We come and go, popping out for lunch or to a meeting, expecting that everything will be the same when we return. But what if something happened to disrupt this smooth flow? As hundreds of workers found out...

smiling volunteers

Is your charity expanding? Here’s what you need to do

It can be an incredibly exciting time when things have been going well at your charity and you can start to think about expanding, bringing in more staff or introducing new events and activities. But a crucial part of these growth plans is making sure...

shop frontages on sunny day

How can I make my premises more secure?

Crime against businesses takes many forms, from shoplifting and robbery to fraud and data breaches. In the UK, burglary is one of the most common types of crime businesses experience; according to official government statistics there were 45,000 reported incidents in the wholesale and retail...