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Kilimanjaro Training: Session #5

This week my training walk took me back to the Malverns.  I enjoyed it so much the last time, I just thought I’d do it again...

Kilimanjaro Training: Session #4

My most recent training session was a walk around the Malvern Hills and it wasn't just training for my legs either, I took my GoPro for it's first outing to learn how to use it before I take it up Kilimanjaro! While it wasn't the longest...

Who should be on your Incident Response Team?

Nobody hopes for a business catastrophe, but the best entrepreneurs will plan for one. Whether it’s flooding after a natural disaster which damages stock and premises, or a server outage which prevents online orders, “unforeseen circumstances” can wreak a wide scope of havoc on your business.   How long could your business...

Tips and tricks to protect your Facebook data

At the centre of the Cambridge Analytica scandal are shocking questions over fake news, data security and even dishonest methods used to influence election results. The company is accused of harvesting data from Facebook profiles and targeting swing voters on behalf of the Trump campaign. But...

5 things businesses need to know about cyber attacks in 2018

Cyber-crime costs the UK economy billions of pounds every year, but it’s not just large companies that are at risk. SMEs are now firmly in the firing line as they’re often woefully unprepared. Nearly half of UK businesses suffered some sort of cyber breach in the...

Insuring a listed building: what you need to know

If you own or operate a listed building, you may have encountered a few extra challenges when it comes to arranging adequate cover. Our property insurance advisers offer their expert eye on determining what you need from your listed building insurance, and how to react to...

Kilimanjaro Training: Session #3

This weekend’s training consisted of a strenuous 11.4km walk to and around Earlswood Lakes. I had my brand new, non-leaky boots on, which is just as well as I found myself trudging through snow again! It was absolutely freezing and the wind was blowing the snow...

Cold weather risks faced by small businesses

A few inches of powdery snow might send the nation into a frenzy, but business owners will testify that the prospect of a day off work can have a serious impact on profits. However, a little bit of preparation can be key to avoiding disruption –...

Has your organisation made enough disabled access adjustments?

Anybody that provides a service or provides a public function must take positive steps to remove barriers faced by people with disabilities, ensuring everyone can receive the same services and work without disadvantages.This includes employers, businesses, local authorities, schools and even churches. How do you know...

Eco-Weddings at your Church

It’s one of the most joyful events you will hold, but how do you make sure a wedding doesn’t damage your church? From photo shoots that respect your chapel grounds to safely festooning the hall with decorations, here are some wedding and event considerations for the...