Why choose us?

We genuinely care about the organisations we are fortunate to call our clients.

No matter how big or small we send the right specialist to get to know you and provide relevant advice and knowledge. We understand and take on your concerns as our own. We are available 24/7 for our clients to address any issues that may arise.

Throughout our history working in the industry we’ve built our reputation on quality advice, and providing the highest level of service.

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Christopher Edwards
Managing Director
christopher@edwardsinsurance.co.uk T: 01564 730900
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Hayley Mather
Operations Director
hayley@edwardsinsurance.co.uk T: 01564 730900
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Richard Lane
Development Director
richard.lane@edwardsinsurance.co.uk T: 01564 730900
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Richard Hayward
Insurance Manager
richard@edwardsinsurance.co.uk T: 01564 730900
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Alan Kafoor
Sales & Development Manager
alan@edwardsinsurance.co.uk T: 01564 730900
Ext: 224
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Tom Barnes
Account Executive
tom@edwardsinsurance.co.uk T: 01564 730 900
Ext: 269
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James Coghlan
Claims Manager
james@edwardsinsurance.co.uk T: 01564 730900
Ext: 227
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Kiera McCloskey
Claims Apprentice
kiera@edwardsinsurance.co.uk T: 01564 730900
Ext: 222
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Sam Sedgwick
Church Team Leader
sam.sedgwick@edwardsinsurance.co.uk T: 01564 730900
Ext: 220
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Jenny Morris
Senior Church Account Handler
jenny@edwardsinsurance.co.uk T: 01564 730900
Ext: 204
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Rita Minogue
Church Account Handler
rita@edwardsinsurance.co.uk T: 01564 730900
Ext: 211
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Leah Gleadhill
Church Account Handler
leah@edwardsinsurance.co.uk T: 01564 730900
Ext: 221
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Sarah Stratford
Church Account Handler
sarah.stratford@edwardsinsurance.co.uk T: 01564 730900
Ext: 226
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Jennifer Knight
Church Account Handler
jennifer.knight@edwardsinsurance.co.uk T: 01564 730900
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Sarah Edwards
Account Handler
sarah@edwardsinsurance.co.uk T: 01564 730900
Ext: 215
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Stephen Angell
Team Leader
stephen@edwardsinsurance.co.uk T: 01564 730900
Ext: 210
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Beth Reynolds
Senior Account Handler
beth@edwardsinsurance.co.uk T: 01564 730900
Ext: 217
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Nichola Morton
Account Handler
nichola.morton@edwardsinsurance.co.uk T: 01564 730900
Ext: 200
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Kayleigh Peet
Account Handler
kayleigh@edwardsinsurance.co.uk T: 01564 730900
Ext: 209
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Isobel Capper
Trainee Account Handler
Isobel@edwardsinsurance.co.uk T: 01564 730 900
Ext: 216
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Sam Gould
Accounts Manager
sam@edwardsinsurance.co.uk T: 01564 730900
Ext: 205
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Sharon Mitchell
Client Relationship Manager
sharon@edwardsinsurance.co.uk T: 01564 730900
Ext: 214
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Becky Goodfellow
Operations & Marketing Executive
becky@edwardsinsurance.co.uk T: 01564 730900
Ext: 225
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Chloe Jeyes
Business Administrator
chloe@edwardsinsurance.co.uk T: 01564 730900
Ext: 228
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Chloe Jeyes
Business Administrator
T: 01564 730900
Ext: 228

Chloe started as our Administration Apprentice at the start of 2022, having just completed college the year before and has since moved on to a Business Administrator role.

Outside of work, Chloe likes hanging out with friends, seeing family, reading and watching TV.


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