Following the COVID-19 outbreak in the UK, we wanted to reassure you that our commitment to you remains unchanged.

Thankfully, we’ve had no cases of Coronavirus within our company, our insurers or other trading partners. However, if this situation was to change, we have several measures in place to ensure we can continue providing the best broking service for you while keeping you and our team safe.

  • Remote working – we have taken steps to ensure that our staff can work remotely and can operate all our systems and processes remotely as required. This will allow us to reduce the potential spread among colleagues and their families, in line with the guidance and advice issued by HM Government and Public Health England.

  • Electronic Communication – in the event that Edwards staff are required to work remotely, there will be no facility for us to print and post out paperwork, we will therefore need to send all documentation electronically to ensure business continuity. There is a large number of our clients who already receive electronic communication from us, however we do appreciate that there are others who prefer to receive a hard copy, so please bear with us during this time.

  • Premium Payments – During this challenging period we would recommend that the best way to ensure we receive your premium is to pay online crediting our account
    Account Number: 84592204 Sort Code: 40 05 30

  • Meetings – we’re also curtailing our face-to-face meetings and plan to conduct as many meetings as possible by Skype, Teams, Facetime or simply by telephone.

We realise that cash flow may become an issue for some of our clients who rely on hiring or similar incomes. If this is an issue for you we can offer you a monthly payment option at preferential terms. Please email us on to discuss this and we can arrange to call you back to facilitate this payment option.

As it stands, we’re operating at normal capacity and will continue to deliver our full broking service to you for the foreseeable future.

In the meantime, we hope that you stay safe and want to reassure you that we’re only a phone call away if you have any concerns.