Inspect and Protect Your Property

Poor security and lack of maintenance both have largely influential roles to play in unoccupied property claims, as they can leave a building defenceless in the face of criminal activity and water damage among other plights.

Yet these are two issues that could be easily identified, and subsequently avoided, through regular property inspection.

When offering coverage for properties that are vacant for either short or longer periods of time, many insurance underwriters will stipulate that frequent inspections are carried out in order so as to reduce the risk of claim. This allows the policyholder to secure protection for their asset, for a premium that comes in at a reasonable cost.

Overlook these conditions and you could be doing yourself out of a settlement if you do need to make a claim, and leaving yourself hugely out of pocket.

Inspections are a way of stemming a small problem before it has the chance to develop into a disaster. A leaking pipe may cause a bit of damp initially, but left to its own devices and it could result in serious water damage. Spotting a lapse in security and rectifying it could prevent large damage costs if your property becomes the choice venue for an illegal rave. And that’s before you think of any injuries sustained that you might be liable for.

It can be tempting to carry out these inspections yourself to save costs, but there will be slight details that a professional inspector will not miss even if you do. Given the financial consequences attached, it’s advisable to get the right support in place for your vacant property and its protection from the word go, and that means making sure your inspections are thorough and certified.

If you’re unsure what your current policy includes and how often you should be scheduling inspections, or if you would like to talk more about a buildings insurance policy which includes unoccupied cover, speak to the team at Edwards Insurance Brokers and we can advise you further. Call 01564 730 900 or email