A ‘Guide to Charity Insurance’

When you set up your charity insurance was probably the last thing on your mind and you might not have even thought about it until now!  However, insurance is a necessity – it protects your charity, you and other employees or volunteers and the people benefiting from your charity.

The only thing is, there are so many different types of insurance and it can often be quite difficult to work out exactly what you need!

There’s Public Liability, Employers Liability, Trustee Liability, Professional Indemnity and that’s just naming a few!  So what are the differences, what do they cover and how do you know which covers you require?

Well our friends at Markel have created a fantastic guide to explain the different types of cover you may need and to help you work out exactly what you need.

Just click this link to see Markel’s ‘Guide to Charity Insurance‘ and follow this flow chart to see which covers you need! You will also find this on the second page of the guide.


Markel header Markel's flowchart