Defibrillators on church premises

Defibrillators are electronic devices used to send electrical pulses into the chest of a person who is in cardiac arrest.  It is a life-saving piece of equipment and at the heart of the community, a church may seem like the ideal location to have one.

Standard church insurance packages don’t typically cover defibrillators fixed to the outside of your church as they are not considered to be part of the building.  However, as long as we are aware of it we can make sure that the defibrillator is specified on your policy.

As with any insurance, cover is subject to you meeting insurers’ terms so we suggest you adhere to the following guidance:

  • Any defibrillator kept outside of the church must be specifically designed for outdoor use and kept in a suitable, purpose-designed case with a key code.
  • The container for the defibrillator should be attached to a permanently fixed structure such as the church building.
  • The defibrillator should be installed and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions
  • You should regularly inspect and check the defibrillator for signs of tampering or damage. We suggest this is done weekly and that you record findings in a log book.


If you need any more information or would like to advise us that you have a defibrillator fixed to the outside of your church building, call us on 01564 730 900 or email