Hop to it: Three ways to make your church’s Easter Celebrations special  

Easter is just around the corner and now that restrictions are far more relaxed, churches up and down the country will be hosting egg-cellent Easter celebrations, (we’ll stop with the puns now.)
This time of year is important in the church calendar and it’s a time that brings a lot of people to church who may not regularly attend throughout the rest of the year. We’ve pulled together a few ideas to make your Easter service a fun-filled day for the whole family.

Find interesting ways to educate children 
Children are at the heart of a church event so make sure to have some fun activities ready to keep them entertained. There’s plenty that you can do to not only have fun but also teach them about the true meaning of this very special time. How about an Easter Egg hunt that tells them a part of the story of the resurrection at each hiding place? (Maybe include a bit of chocolate as well!) Or you can get crafty decorating templates of Jesus’ cross with a storytime at the end. Perhaps you could create Easter baskets, with objects that are significant to different parts of the story?

Socially distanced fun
If members of your congregation are still a little dubious about attending larger events, think about taking steps to make it as safe as possible for them. You could host the event outside or in a ventilated marquee if you are worried about the weather. If you do need to host the event inside, ensure to keep the area ventilated by opening doors and windows wherever possible. Consider making pathways as open as possible and think about where people enter and exit key areas to avoid crowding. 

Think outside of the box
In order to appeal to both regular churchgoers and people who only show up seasonally, think about your sermon and how you present it. It might just be time to steer away from tradition and try something new. While you might usually do a separate talk for the kids and the adults, think about bringing everyone together and hosting something which appeals to the whole family. Perhaps you could hire a local performance group to put a fresh spin on this or tell the story from the perspective of someone who wouldn’t usually be involved.

Protecting your church 
If you’re hosting an Easter event this April, it’s important to make sure that your insurance continues to cover you. If you’re unsure, just get in touch with us and we’ll take a look at your current policy and let you know if you need to take out any additional coverage to protect your church.