Guidance from Aviva 19/03/2020

Does Aviva’s Business Interruption cover COVID-19?

The Government’s announcement on Tuesday evening (17 March) concerning both ours and other insurers’ position with regards to Business Interruption cover has caused some confusion and as a result, we’ve received a number of queries.

To clarify, COVID-19 is not covered under our standard Business Interruption policies. Our Business Interruption cover is based on a specified list of diseases and has been since the SARS outbreak in 2003. These policies exclude Business Interruption due to new and emerging diseases, like COVID-19.

Our policy wording clearly identifies the diseases we offer cover for and, in addition, highlights that new and emerging diseases like COVID-19 are not covered.

What action should you take in the event the insured premises becomes temporarily unoccupied?

Cover will continue to apply to those clients who have followed Government advice to close their premises temporarily for a period of up to 30 consecutive days.

There is no need to immediately notify us that the insured premises has closed temporarily due to the COVID-19 outbreak. If however, your premises is going to be out of use for longer than 30 consecutive days, then you do need to notify us.

In the event of school closures, if you decide to take your children to work (they’ll be in the place of work but have no access to the main shop floor / main work environment), will my Public Liability cover cater for this?

You will be covered on their Public Liability insurance, subject to the undertaking and documenting of a risk assessment that clearly shows suitability of their workplace. This should consider things like:

1. Has a specific risk assessment of their business been carried out i.e. is it suitable for their children to access?

2. Have the relevant checks been made for any staff members (if applicable) i.e. the suitability of those undertaking the supervision of their children?

3. Have they followed current Government guidance i.e. around any staff / visitor exposure to the virus, self-isolation and third-party visitors to their premises?

4. Has a risk assessment been undertaken on the suitability of the area where their children will be?