Are you Jubilee ready?

On the 6th of February this year, Her Majesty The Queen became the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, marking her 70th year of service. The four days of celebrations will take place between June 2nd and June 5th which will see people throwing street parties up and down the country to celebrate the Queen’s reign. We take a look at what you need to think about before the fun begins.

While the venue may seem obvious (on the street), there is a little more planning that you need to do. You should discuss any proposed arrangements with any residents or businesses that could be affected by your plans and to ensure they still have the access they need on the day. If blocking off the road isn’t an option, you will need to consider how to block the necessary areas.

Seating, tables and decorations
Think about where attendees are going to sit and where they are going to eat. Perhaps there is some nearby grassland or you might just want to keep it simple and ask attendees to bring something to sit on themselves like a picnic blanket or fold-up chair. The availability of toilet/washroom facilities should also be considered.  Do you have a plan for if it rains? It may be worth investing in some marquees if space allows it to keep the party going if it rains. You’ll also need to consider what decorations you will have – are you going to go with the traditional bunting or try something new?

Food and drink
Consider what your guests are going to be eating and drinking. Think coronation chicken sandwiches, scones, sausage rolls… the list goes on! If the weather allows, you could host a barbeque. Or why not support some local businesses and hire a couple of local food vendors to set up a stall for the day/evening?

Provided it is within the confines of your own premises, when hosting a get together like this you likely will not need to take out any additional insurance, as the risks are very low. However, this should be assessed based on the scale of celebrations and the type of activity involved. If the celebrations will involve not being on your premises e.g. on the road, street or third party premises you should be seeking permission from the local authority or property owner who may also require that you have certain insurances in place. You can contact us to discuss this in more detail if required.