Kilimanjaro Training: Session #6

As my climb up Kilimanjaro draws nearer, I’m training harder than ever but to shake it up a bit, I did my last training session at night!
I took part in a guided ‘moonlight walk’ to the top of Snowdon and while I’ve done this mountain before, this took us on a different route. The first time I climbed Snowdon, the route I took was shorter and steeper. The latest route was a gentler incline but at 16KM I felt like I’d been walking forever.
Distance aside though, the views were spectacular as the sun went down and walking in the dark with nothing but a head torch was a really interesting experience. It was also really nice to be able to get right up to the summit without having to wait your turn or push through the usual hordes of climbers.

Next week I’ll be back up Snowdon for another session, but this time with the other Youth for Christ climbers. If you’re not sure who I’ll be climbing with or why, check out this link to Youth for Christ’s website.