Kilimanjaro Training: Session #1

I’m going to be honest…I’ve never climbed a mountain before!  In fact I’ve never done anything like this before, so to sign myself up and to be able to say that in June, I’m going to be climbing Kilimanjaro is a bit daunting!

The main reason I’ve agreed to this mammoth challenge is to raise money to fund the amazing work that Youth For Christ do.  Youth For Christ are good friends and clients of Edwards Insurance Brokers but I’m doing this because the difference that their work makes to the lives of young people really is just so amazing to see.

Another reason is that I’m getting married to my lovely fiancée in August and this is a great opportunity to get fitter and take on one last challenge before the big day.

I started my training the other day and eased myself in gently with a 10.4KM walk up the Clent Hills.  It’s not far from home and made for a nice morning out in the fresh air (and rain)!

Here’s my very first Kili Vlog and also a few pics from my maiden trek, including the route I took, me looking a bit soggy in the rain and my gaggle of supporters.




Chris' first kili walk route

Chris on his first Kilimanjaro walk

Chris and his supporters