Edwards Insurance Brokers Supporting the Community


Supporting the Community

Here at Edwards Insurance Brokers we are aware that the past few weeks have been difficult with what is going on in the world and we are all facing challenges. We thought we would take this time to share some positive news that some of our staff members have been doing, to help support their local communities.

Our director Christopher Edwards has been handing out leaflets in his local area which contain contact information for the local Parish Council. These are for anyone who is self-isolating and need assistance with collecting prescriptions, shopping or just a call to have a chat. He has also been handing out NHS advice leaflets if anyone is experiencing health concerns.  

David Edwards, our managing director has also been helping his local area by collecting prescriptions for those who are self-isolating. Most of us are aware of somebody in self-isolation and understand the importance of helping them stay safe.

At a time where the National Health Service is needing as much help as possible, Christopher has also been busy donating blood. For someone who is afraid of needles; he took the courage to do this, knowing the importance this has and how it will help the people who need it most.

Updating Our Clients

A recent article shows that during these unprecedented times, it was reported that only 34% of people had heard from their insurance company about the Coronavirus pandemic. At Edwards Insurance Brokers we are proud to have kept our clients up to date with the most recent information about Coronavirus, so they can have peace of mind.

We have been sending emails to clients and have made sure we include all of the latest information regarding COVID-19. Also including advice from Insurers on our website and a message from our Managing Director, David. Further information can be found here.

Original article- YouTalk Insurance