Dreaming of a White Christmas…

…just like the ones you used to know? A picture-perfect blanket of snow is what many of us put our hopes in at Christmas – and a fair few of us put our money on it, too. So what are the odds of a White Christmas on December 25th 2016?

It’s actually more likely to be a White January…or even March. Snow or sleet falls on average for a total of 3.9 days in December, compared to 5.3 days in January, 5.6 days in February and 4.2 days in March.

When does it count as ‘White’? The Met Office defines a White Christmas as one snowflake falling in the 24 hours of 25th December, somewhere in the UK.

When was the last one? The last widespread White Christmas was in 2010, with snow on the ground recorded at 83%  of Met Office observation stations. There have been four such widespread White Christmases in the last 51 years, although snow has fallen somewhere in the UK (making it technically a White Christmas) on 38 out of the last 54 yuletides.



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