Case Unoccupied Property Update

Unoccupied Premises- February 2021

Aviva have updated their position in regard to the Unoccupancy of properties during lockdown.

Where premises have been closed to the public due to the Insured following Government guidance in regard to the COVID-19 outbreak, we will maintain our policyholder’s existing cover without a time limit, whilst they are complying.  
This position is subject to the policyholder taking reasonable precautions to protect their business premises and complying with the following simple risk management procedures as a minimum:

  • Carry out internal and external inspections of the buildings at least every seven days
  • Maintain a log of these weekly Inspections
  • Immediately repair, or arrange to repair, any defects found, including removal of graffiti and in the security or alarm or fire protection installations
  • Remove all waste either within or outside the buildings, from the Premises
  • Securely lock all external doors, close and secure all windows.

We are hopeful that this goes a little towards easing the challenges faced by businesses over the coming months, and we are always on hand to discuss and specific queries or concerns that you may have in this regard.

Kind regards,
aQmen Underwriting