Eco-Weddings at your Church

It’s one of the most joyful events you will hold, but how do you make sure a wedding doesn’t damage your church?

From photo shoots that respect your chapel grounds to safely festooning the hall with decorations, here are some wedding and event considerations for the careful church owner.

Natural confetti

Walking through a wave of wedding confetti is a treasured memory for newlyweds, and looks great on camera. While some venues don’t allow confetti due to the clean-up costs, there are several natural options including real petals and biodegradable tissue, which could offer an answer. Make your own by drying out seasonal flower petals.

LED lights

Small changes can make all the difference to the environment. Switching fluorescent or incandescent lighting to LED bulbs can make efficiency savings of up to 80%, and generate much less heat. What’s more, they are lighter and often portable, brightening up winter weddings and saving energy.

Eco photography

Snapping wedding photos outside church buildings captures the couple’s big day with beautiful, relaxed images. To keep one eye on the lay of the land, designate photo areas that won’t disturb the grounds – watch out for wildlife habitats and protected areas such as cemeteries, and take down any outdoor decorations as soon as possible after the event.

Clean candles

A traditional element of church weddings, candles are often used to create atmosphere. Unsustainable paraffin candles contribute to global warming and kick out carcinogenic toxins in soot when burned, whereas eco-friendly soy and honeycomb candles are cleaner and their production is more environmentally sound.

Say no to nails

Whether you’re decorating the chapel before a ceremony or the church hall for a reception, don’t fix bunting and bows to walls by drilling or sticking, which could cause damage to the building. Cable ties, damage-free Velcro hooks or good old-fashioned twine all offer a blemish-free alternative to nails.