Snow & Ice: Stay safe in the cold weather

Whether you run a business or charity, or are responsible for buildings such as churches or shops or just simply a homeowner, you’ll want to keep yourself and others around you safe in inclement weather.

With snow forecast across most parts of the UK this week, we have drawn together our top cold weather tips to help you take care of your buildings as well as your people.

  • Make sure your boiler is maintained, serviced and in good working order so that you can heat your building to a constant low temperature.  You can use a thermostat to maintain the temperature.
  • Check that all of the pipes and tanks in the building are working and well insulated so that they don’t freeze.
  • Make sure you and any employees/volunteers know where the water supply stopcock is, in case of an emergency.  You’ll probably find this under the sink!  Any drippy taps should be repaired – a drip could freeze and block the pipes!  Outside taps should be drained during the cold weather to prevent freezing too.
  • Create a clear path of at least a metre in width to the door of your building.  Shovel the snow away and grit the area well.
  • Clear snow to make space for outward opening fire escape doors to open.
  • If you are responsible for employees or volunteers, make sure you have a communication plan in place to let them know whether they are required on days where journeys to work may seem too treacherous.
  • Take care on the roads. Drive slowly and gently – stopping distances are 10 times longer on snow and ice!
  • Always completely clear and de-ice your windscreen before setting off, not forgetting to clear any loose snow from your roof and bonnet.

We hope you will find these tips useful during the cold weather but if there is anything we haven’t mentioned or anything you are unsure of where your insurance is concerned, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can email us at, leave a message on our contact form or call us on 01564 730 900.  Edwards Insurance Brokers have got you covered.