Step by Step – Capital Ring walk with QSA

We are proud to support many charities here at Edwards Insurance Brokers, especially where we know the charity and all of their work personally.  Quaker Social Action are good friends and clients of ours and their work is inspired by Quaker values like equality as they work against poverty and injustice.

With Quaker heritage himself, Managing Director David is excited to be taking part in Quaker Social Action’s Capital Ring Walk to raise money to continue funding their fantastic work.  The Capital Ring Walk is, as the name suggests, a circular route around the UK capital London and measures up at 78 miles in distance!  Don’t worry though, David won’t be walking all 78 miles as the route is divided up into 10 easy to walk segments ranging between 5-9 miles and David will just walk one of these.

Quaker Social Action began walking these segments ‘step by step’ at the end of 2018, with more walks planned throughout this 2019.

If you would like to take part in one of these walks or maybe you would just like to sponsor David for his walk, you can find more information by following this link: