Kilimanjaro Training: Session #5

This week my training walk took me back to the Malverns.  I enjoyed it so much the last time, I just thought I’d do it again…only this time, bigger and better.

Instead of just walking one peak, I went for the full ‘end to end’ route, spanning a whole 15.8Km across the ridge of the Malvern Hills.

It was a beautiful route but it was such hard work and it was easily the toughest physical exercise that I’ve ever done in my life.  Not only did the route take us from one end of the ridge to the other, it took us up and down every summit along the way!

By the end of the walk the buzz of reaching any peaks was long gone and because the route wasn’t circular, unless I wanted to walk another 15.8Km, it meant getting a taxi back to where the car was parked!

At £40 for a ride back to the car it was my most expensive walk yet but it was worth it for the training and the views were pretty spectacular too.


I didn’t take the GoPro this time, but I made sure to take plenty of pictures!