The climb up Mount Kilimanjaro – what to pack

We’ve seen his training, spanning the end-to-end route of Malvern Hills to the peak of Mount Snowdon – but now the time has nearly come for Chris to start his ascent up the ‘rooftop of Africa’, 6,000 miles away from home in Tanzania. Mount Kilimanjaro is a six-day long trek and during this time he will cover 37 miles, often at high altitudes. It boasts five different eco-systems so he needs to be prepared for all eventualities.
Chris has given us some insight into what he has packed in his duffle bag – for any of you interested, or thinking of taking up the challenge!

Water-Proof Duffle Bag
The porters will carry this up the mountain and it holds everything required for Chris’ journey up Kilimanjaro.

Used for carrying day-to-day essentials such as sun-cream, water and of course, snacks. This should be small and lightweight – any extra weight will become a hindrance.

Sleeping Bag
The nights can be freezing in the trek up Kilimanjaro so it’s important to stay warm up there. Chris’ sleeping bag of choice is a relic from his time in Cubs and is over 25 years old.

Inflatable Mattress and Pillow
Whilst proper bedding is clearly the desired choice, these will provide adequate comfort during periods of rest on the mountain.

Neck Support Pillow
It’s a long way to Tanzania, so this will be useful on the long haul flights to and from the country.

Hiking Poles
These are great to help with balance and are a useful aid when going over tricky terrain. They can be hired in Tanzania but it’s cheaper to pick them up beforehand.

Head Torch
To see in the dark during periods of night hiking, without needing to be hand-held. The summit begins overnight so this is essential!

Breathable Clothes
Allows for a little airflow during those uphill slogs. Chris recommends the company Páramo due to their ethical approach to producing high-performance outdoor gear.

Youth for Christ T-Shirt
This charity is at the heart of his challenge and Chris is very proud to be one of the gang. So far, he has raised over £6,000 for Youth for Christ, who do some great work with their quest to see young people’s lives changed by Jesus.

Breathable Socks
Essential for comfy feet, avoiding blisters and to hopefully stop them getting too smelly!

Walking Boots
Comfort and support is a must. Chris made sure not to judge his boots by appearance or price and instead aimed to find the most comfortable pair he could. His boots have already walked over 100km so are well settled in for the challenge to come…. These boots are made for walking indeed!

Power Bank
To charge the GoPro and Phone, this is vital to keep equipment working on the mountain.

GoPro Camera
To capture the journey of a lifetime, this durable camera is great for recording all the action.

Lightweight Rain Poncho
A little protection from the elements. Chris is using a poncho left over from a music festival – an event we all know benefits from a bit of protection from the rain.

Insect Repellent
To keep any pesky critters at bay.

Chlorine Dioxide Tablets
These handy tablets kill harmful bacteria and viruses to purify water and make it safe to drink.

To help see in the dark and useful in case the head torch starts getting a bit uncomfortable.

Camelbak Hydration Pack
This enables Chris to drink whilst on the go. He simply fills up the pack, sticks it his rucksack and it runs through an accessible tube, which essentially acts as a straw leaving his hands free.

Eye Mask
This helps when trying to get a bit of shut-eye during any periods of rest.

There are certainly plenty of things to consider when facing the prospect of six days on Kilimanjaro. Chris bought most of his equipment from Lockwoods, a specialist outdoor shop in Leamington Spa who very kindly gave him a 10% discount due to him raising money for charity.

We wish Chris the best of luck on his adventure of a lifetime and commend his massive fundraising efforts for Youth for Christ.

There’s still time to support Chris and the Youth for Christ team as they make the final preparations for their adventure. Click here to make a donation.


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