Our Ethical Procurement Statement

Our Ethical Procurement Statement

Like most independent businesses, Edwards Insurance Brokers started small and we know that all of our staff have been fundamental to our success as we have grown.  We know how important people are in business and that their happiness, worth and wellbeing plays a massive part.

This is why we have introduced an Ethical Procurement Statement.  We want to make sure that anything we buy or services we use have been provided by likeminded business, who truly do value and look after their people.

Among other things, our statement is based on; safe working conditions, promotion of good health, freely chosen employment, non-excessive working hours, payment of at least the minimum living wage, suitable training, diversity, equality, elimination of child labour and elimination of inhuman treatment.


Click the link below to read our full Ethical Procurement Statement.  If a supplier or their supply chain does not meet the standards we have set out, we simply will not use their services.


Ethical Procurement Statement


This is a small gesture within a much wider issue, but we think that if we all play our part we can start to make things better for a lot of people.