Reasons to be cheerful amidst COVID-19

As we enter deeper into unchartered waters, COVID-19 is certainly testing our ability to rise to new challenges and face adversity during these unusual and isolating times. Amongst all of this, it’s worth remembering that this will pass. In the meantime, we explore some of the positive outcomes which have arisen from the changes we’ve already made to delay the spread of the virus.

Reduced air pollution 

With the substantial reduction of flights and vehicles on the road, Stanford University environmental resource economist, Marshall Burke, did some calculations on the drop of air pollution in parts of China following the outbreak. While the numbers are constantly changing, he suggested that it’s very likely that the lives saved from this drop exceed COVID-19 related deaths in China. Similarly, satellites reveal huge drops in pollution in Italy and Venice’s famously polluted waters are now the cleanest they have been in years; you can now see fish swimming beneath the surface!

Revealing the good in human nature

With younger generations offering up their services to support those more vulnerable to the virus, the pandemic is revealing the power of pulling together in the face of adversity. We’ve seen people pledge to pick up shopping and walk pets for those in isolation, teachers offering to support families with home schooling advice and many more making their services available wherever they’re needed.

Supporting local shops

SME businesses are seeing the effects of social distancing more than most, but instead of simply shutting up shop, many are adapting their services to home delivery. There is now a huge push amongst local communities to continue supporting local businesses and help them to survive the coronavirus crisis. This includes buying gift cards, ordering meals for delivery and shopping local where possible. 

Happy pets

While the thought of being stuck in your house for weeks on end isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, there’s certain members of your household who will welcome the extra company. If you search for #QuarantineCats on Twitter, you will be treated to thousands of sweet moments that owners shared with their cats when stuck at home. Perhaps if you were thinking of adopting a new pet; now could be the perfect time to get them settled in.

The light at the end of the tunnel

China has recently closed down their last coronavirus hospital due to a dramatic fall in cases. Wuhan doctors celebrated by removing their masks one by one to mark the moment. As the hardest hit country, they’re a clear demonstration that preventative measures do work and there is an end game to everything that we’re doing. Alongside this, daily developments are being made by scientists regarding effective treatment methods, with the overall goal to finding a cure in the next year.

Finding support where you need it

Of course, the serious side of the current pandemic prevails and we’re here to support you whenever you need it. While we are taking measures to change our way of working to align with daily government advice, we aim to be available when you need us. Our team are just a phone call away to provide advice on your insurance and point you in the right direction for further support. Just call us on 01564 730 900.