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How to get potential volunteers over the hurdle

In a recent survey conducted by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, those who didn’t volunteer regularly were asked what the main barriers that stopped them from volunteering were. We consider some of these reasons and look at how your charity could help...

Who are the most likely volunteers in the UK?

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport recently conducted a survey to reveal the rates of volunteering in the UK and how they compared to previous years. The statistics revealed some interesting statistics about who’s volunteering, who isn’t and the motivations behind it all.   Levels...

Risk Management: the ins and outs

You might never have heard about risk management before. Or perhaps you’ve heard it in passing when we’ve spoken about your policy. You might even have had experience with how it works and how it can help. This article looks at the ins, the outs...

Do I really need terrorism insurance?

We know that no building is exempt in a terrorist attack and the businesses and property owners we help protect know this too. Recent history tells us that terrorist attacks can happen in many locations. When businesses and organisations suffer, they are often not the primary...

Snow & Ice: Stay safe in the cold weather

Whether you run a business or charity, are responsible for buildings such as churches or shops or just simply a homeowner, you’ll want to keep yourself and others around you safe in inclement weather. With snow forecast across most parts of the UK this week, we...

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Charity Insurance: What is it?

Insuring a charity can be a complex business, but as specialist charity insurance brokers, we’re here to make it simple. There are plenty of insurance covers that your charity or not-for-profit organisation should have, but there are also certain types of insurance that Charities are legally...

Four home repair jobs you should never ignore

If you notice something has gone awry in your home, it can be tempting to leave it until it actually becomes an issue. However, no matter how minor a leak, or how busy your life, it’s important to deal with certain issues as soon as...

Doing your Christmas shopping online? Stay safe on the web

Only buy from trusted sellers When shopping online, you’re usually in safe hands when using websites for big name brands. If you’ve never heard of the vendor that you’re buying from, it pays to be wary. That’s not to say you should avoid buying from small...

Common fire hazards in a retail space

All businesses need to adhere to certain fire safety regulations as set down by law. Whilst you may have filled in all the forms, done all the necessary checks and made reasonable adjustments to your workspace, sometimes it helps to go over the basics. We...