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All the best on your retirement Hazel!

On Friday 28th June Hazel, one of our Church Brokers retired from Edwards following her being part of the team for 8 years, after starting in 2011. On her last day in the office, Hazel had a lovely time with the whole team and was welcomed...

Prevent RSI

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) can be caused by a variety of tasks at work, such as forceful or repetitive activity, or by poor posture. The condition mostly affects parts of the upper body, such as the forearm, elbow, wrist, hands, shoulders and neck. RSI is usually associated...

Big Day Out- URC National Synod of Wales

Last week Sandy was delighted to host a stand at the Big Day Out for The United Reformed Church National Synod of Wales. This event was held at the Royal Welsh Agricultural Showground Builth Wells. Many of the guests including existing clients and prospects were welcomed...

How to switch off as a small business owner

According to a study conducted by Simply Business, almost half of small business owners cancel social plans at least once a week because they are too busy with work-related matters and 25% have fallen ill due to stress and overwork. As a small business owner,...

A guide to care home insurance

Insurance for care homes is a specialist insurance type since there are so many issues which could arise. Not only does your insurance need to protect the care you give, but you also need to consider the regulatory bodies you adhere to, protection for your...

Edwards Insurance Brokers Thanks Marie Curie Hospice With Cheque

Four years ago, the team here at Edwards Insurance Brokers agreed to support Marie Curie as one of our chosen charities and we have been supporting them ever since. Just over 12 months ago, a member of the team unfortunately lost a very close family member...

Should you develop a chatbot for your business?

Chatbots have well and truly cemented themselves as a part of modern society over recent years, with their capabilities becoming increasingly sophisticated. Although many companies are now using chatbots as a first point of contact for customer queries, their functionality can extend far beyond this,...

Mobile phone detectors to spot drivers using devices

Mobile phones are a primary source of distraction while behind the wheel, and despite it being illegal, 25% of UK drivers admit that they have used their phones while driving at some point in the last year. According to the RAC, these figures haven’t changed significantly...

How reinsurance keeps insurers afloat in a catastrophe

  Following a major catastrophe, such as a natural disaster, an act of terrorism or something else, an insurer will then need to pay out for the resulting insured damages, all of which can amount to millions of pounds. To mitigate this risk, insurers participate in...

Attracting sponsorships as a small charity

When a business sponsors a charity, they not only get the warm fuzzy glow that comes hand-in-hand with doing a good deed, they also potentially improve their public and employee perception, open up new opportunities and better define their core identity. In this sense, sponsorships...