Ecclesiastical Update to Temporary Cover Enhancements March 2021

Updates to your Temporary Cover Enhancements (March 2021)

In line with the UK Government’s recently published roadmap, and in order that we may continue to provide certainty until properties have reopened and we have returned to a more normal way of life, please note we are extending our temporary cover enhancements to expire 31/05/21.

The Scottish and Welsh Governments will have their own roadmaps which are yet to be announced, however, our temporary cover enhancements also apply to our customers in Scotland and Wales.

As before we can confirm

  • There will be no additional premiums for these enhancements;
  • These enhancements apply until any expiry date applicable to them;
  • We will review and extend these enhancements for a further period if we deem it appropriate;
  • These enhancements will be applied via this Letter of Intent and will apply as if endorsed onto each policy.

Please visit the website for details