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  • Attracting sponsorships as a small charity

    When a business sponsors a charity, they not only get the warm fuzzy glow that comes hand-in-hand with doing a good deed, they also potentially improve their public and employee perception, open up new opportunities and better define their core identity. In this sense, sponsorships......

  • How to check that your wireless router is secure from cybercriminals

    Despite routers becoming increasingly easy to use and configure, most people don’t amend the settings of their router having set their Wi-Fi name and password. Yet without updating your router and security settings, you could be leaving your router open to cybercriminals and malware. Last......

  • How to get potential volunteers over the hurdle

    In a recent survey conducted by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, those who didn’t volunteer regularly were asked what the main barriers that stopped them from volunteering were. We consider some of these reasons and look at how your charity could help......

  • Who are the most likely volunteers in the UK?

    The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport recently conducted a survey to reveal the rates of volunteering in the UK and how they compared to previous years. The statistics revealed some interesting statistics about who’s volunteering, who isn’t and the motivations behind it all.......