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  • Doing your Christmas shopping online? Stay safe on the web

    Only buy from trusted sellers When shopping online, you’re usually in safe hands when using websites for big name brands. If you’ve never heard of the vendor that you’re buying from, it pays to be wary. That’s not to say you should avoid buying from......

  • A guide to preparing your church for winter

    “Brrrrr!” Winter is well on its way now but along with all of its festivities, the cold weather can bring along a whole host of potential problems for your buildings, especially big old buildings like churches! Here is your winter check-list to ensure your place......

  • All work and no pay: volunteering law

    If your organisation or charity benefits from the assistance of volunteers, you’ll know how gratefully received their help can be. Giving up their time and effort to work for you, volunteers can gain experience and personal gratification – but without pay, they are not classed......

  • How to start a charity

    Whether you’ve been fundraising for existing organisations or personal experience has motivated to start your own, setting up a charity can be overwhelming. But there’s plenty of guidance out there. Here are the first steps to take… Write down your mission In the UK, your......